CD "Percussion made in Europe" Volume 1


CD "Percussion made in Europe" Volume 1
(Musica Europea CD ME-03, 2008)

contemporary percussion and marimba music from Europe  from late 20th  century. 

Released in AUGUST 2008,  almost 80 minutes of percussion and marimba music.
perfect 6 pages digipack cover, including TRIlingual booklet 24 pages, in English, German and French  

This CD is a compilation of Zivkovic's first TWO CD's  ("Marimba and Percussion" and "Generally spoken"). 
 Including two newly recorded pieces,  TENSIO and DREI PHANTASTISCHE LIEDER. 

Including 10 worlds premiere recordings of: 
Marta Ptaszynska - Graffito (marimba solo)
Johannes Kotschy - Verwehendes Nichts (vibraphone solo)
Joh. Christian H. Schulz - Ab miram (marimba solo)
Markus Halt - Marimbasonic (marimba solo)

  • Nebojsa Zivkovic:
    - FLUCTUS (marimba solo)
    - TENSIO (marimba solo. recorded may 2008)
    - Drei Phantastische Lieder (marimba solo, recorded may 2008)
    - Pezzo da concerto (snare drum solo)
    - Generally spoken it is nothing but Rhythm (multipercussion solo)
    - CTPAX*STRAH  (multipercussion solo with CD)

Listen Real-Audio examples:

  Generally spoken * Fluctus * Drei Phantastische Lieder * STRAH*CTPAX  * TENSIO 

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