CD "3 concertos + 3 solos" Composers portrait, Volume 2


CD "3  concertos + 3 solos" Composers portrait, Volume 2
(Musica Europea CD ME-04, 2008)


Released in AUGUST 2008,  almost 80 minutes of Zivkovic's orchestral works and  solo pieces

Recorded with Slovenian Radio Symphony Orchestra & Slovenian Armed forces Orchestra (Band).

Perfect 6 pages digipack cover, including 24 pages text book, in English, Deutsch and Espanol  

Including 6 worlds premiere recordings of Zivkovic's compositions: 

  • Concerto per percussione e orchestra  no.1  (CONCERTO OF THE MAD QUEEN) (MORE INFORMATION)

  • TALES FROM THE CENTER OF THE EARTH for Marimba/Percussion  and Wind  Ensemble (MORE INFORMATION)

  • Concerto per Corno e orchestra (Horn concerto)
    Musica  per Violino solo  (listen)
    MUSICA per Violoncello solo  (listen)
    MUSICA per contrabbasso solo  (listen)

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