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Nebojsa Jovan Zivkovic und sein Ensemble: kompromislos, atemberaubend virtuos und energiegeladen!

"Nicht die Spieler die mich umkreisten oder "gerade in der Nähe wohnten", sondern nur die leidenschaftlich engagierte und menschlich, musikalisch und spieltechnisch sehr gute Künstler wählte ich für mein Ensemble! " 
Nebojsa Jovan Zivkovic

The Percussion ensemble is a musical kaledioscope - a thrilling, rhythmic machine, and the essence of a pure percussive experience. Nebojsa Jovan Zivkovic founded the JOVAN PERKUSSION PROJEKT in 1995.
This scintillating ensemble is comprised of world-class percussionists, chosen without consideration for their country of origin or "local availability". From this inter-continental pool of performers, different groups can be formed, depending on the desired repertoire:: duo, trio or quartet. Through intensive and concentrated rehearsals, the one-of-the-kind "voice" of the Jovan Perkussion Projekt emerges. All members of JPP are enthusiastic advocates of Zivkovic's compositions, who thoroughly enjoy the performing in this Group. A JPP concert program is an interesting mixture of several possible combinations and may include quartets, trios, duos and solo pieces, - all performed on a vast array of percussion instruments. The members are: Fernando Meza - Costa Rica; Benjamin Toth - USA; Oliver Schmidt -Germany; Pavel Giunter - Lithuania; Craig Bittermann - USA.

Perkussionsensemble, - eine packende Angelegenheit, eine rhythmische Präzisionsmaschine und eine Kulmination der puren perkussiven Erfahrung! Nebojsa Jovan Zivkovic spielt mit seinem JOVAN PERKUSSION PROJEKT seit 1995. Das einzigartige Ensemble schöpft seine unvergleichbare Energie aus einer Gruppe erstklassiger Percussionisten, die ohne Rücksicht auf deren Wohnort oder "lokale Verfügbarkeit" ausgesucht wurden. Aus dieser interkontinentalen Musikergruppe werden projektorientiert seit Jahren je nach bedarf ein Duo, Trio oder Quartett gebildet, und in intensiver Probenarbeit entsteht dann die perfekte Qualität von Jovan Perkussion Projekt. Die Mitmusiker sind allesamt Überzeugungstäter, große Verfechter der Werke von Zivkovic, die mit Leib und Seele dabei sind. Bei Konzerten in der Quartettbesetzung, werden im Programm auch Duette, Trios oder Soloeinlagen gespielt.
Die Mitglieder: Fernando Meza - Costa Rica; Benjamin Toth - USA; Oliver Schmidt -Deutschland; Pavel Giunter - Litauen; 
Craig Bittermann - USA, Gene Koshinski, - USA, David Panzl - Österreich.


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Above: Lamento e danza Barbara with Tak-Nara percussion group live in Belgrade

Below: excerpt from TRIO PER UNO

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Video clip from the LIVE concerts of the group


originally formed in 1995 (for the recording of  Nebojsa Zivkovic’s “Uneven Souls” CD), became a multi-national quartet in 1998 with members native to Costa Rica, Serbia, Germany, Lithuania and the United States.  The group has several international tours to their credit, with highlights including:  festival appearances at the Novi Sad  Music Festival and the Schleswig Holstein Musik Festival;  USA Tour in November 2002, concerts in Mainz, Hundisburg, and Grossenhain (Germany) ; radio and television broadcasts, including for Belgrade National Television; and  recordings (for Nebojsa Jovan Zivkovic’s CD “The Castle of the Mad King” - on the Swedish label, BiS).  On tour always as a Quartet, the pool-members of the Group are (in alphabetic order):

Craig Bitterman, USA
(born 1970)
a multiple-percussionist whose performance highlights include appearances with the Maelstrom Percussion Ensemble, Full Force Dance Theatre,
New Dimensions Ensemble, and June in Buffalo Chamber Orchestra.  He was on the  faculty at Holyoke Community College and on staff at Wesleyan University and Dance Connecticut/Hartford Ballet. At the present he is holding a percussion position with a US Air force Band.

Pavel Giunter, Lithuania
(born Russia 1964)  
Pavel Giunter
is one of the leading percussion players in Lithuania, founder and leader of the ensemble “Vilnius Percussion”. However, he also plays as a soloist, and, studio musician, etc. He performs a wide range of music from classical to modern, world and jazz music. His career as professional musician P. Giunter began at the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre. Since October 1989 he is the first percussionist and timpanist of the Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra, this position he kept until today. P. Giunter is widely recognized as a percussion expert. He has given quite a number of first performances of modern works, several of them has been dedicated to him.  In 1996 and 1998 P. Giunter has received the Lithuanian State grant for young artists.

Fernando Meza USA
(born Costa Rica 1963)
is currently Director of Percussion Studies at the University of Minnesota School of Music (Minneapolis).  He has performed and recorded in Europe, Japan, Latin America and the United States with a variety of renowned artists and orchestras including the Costa Rica National Symphony, the Minnesota Orchestra, the Festival Dancing in Your Head, Keiko Abe, and Grupo Clave.

Oliver Schmidt, Germany
(born 1975)
Oliver Schmidt is currently holding a position of a first percussionist at the Hannover State Opera Orchestra in Germany.  He is the youngest but also a founding member of Jovan Percussion Group.  After 9 years of studies  with Nebojsa Zivkovic, he has finished the Musikhochschule in Stuttgart, and his master studies in  Musikhochschule in Berlin.  Since his childhood he has won several first  prizes on German “Jugend Musiziert” competitions, and has recorded with Nebojsa on several of  his CD’s.

Benjamin Toth, USA
(born 1962)
Director of Percussion Studies at the Hartt School, University of Hartford CT, USA.
Member of JPG since 1998.   Holds Masters from  University of Illinois; B.M. (percussion performance and jazz studies), University of Akron.  He preformed in: Austria, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Poland, Sweden, Yugoslavia, and throughout the United States. Highlights of his performances include Percussion Group Cincinnati, the Sinfonia da Camera of Illinois, Hartford Stage, the Jimmy Dorsey Band, and the Solo Pan Knights (for the Trinidad Panorama).

Nebojsa Jovan Zivkovic, founder of the Jovan Perkussion Projekt, serves as composer and soloist for the ensemble.


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