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Dear percussive friends all over the planet: 

Instead of making lists of marimba pieces, percussion music or concertos - which I DO think are very important and necessary- 
I decided to place on my web site a list of BOOKS that I strongly recommend. 
I should mention that this is not a "best of" list, or "when you have read these - you are all set" list. 
It is simply a current (and ever-changing) list that reflects two things:

a) a (very reduced) selection of books that I have read, maybe 10,15 or more years ago, that have influenced me in such a way that I feel they are an essential part of my education. 

b) current literature, mostly social, political and human studies, essays and reflections on actual themes like globalisation, society, history, and religion.

This list is in permanent change, at the moment I do not think I will delete any titles from the list, but most certainly with the time, 
I hope to add more and more titles here.

Philosophy, Classics  and other cool stuff from the past centuries that you'd better not miss:

*  Heinrich Heine -  Gesammelte Werke
(complete works, anything you can get. Heine is THE man)

*  J. W. von Goethe – whatever you can get, my favourite “Sturm und Drang” man

*  Friedrich Nietzsche – Gesammelte Werke
(complete works, but make sure to get Ecce Homo, Antichrist, and also Morgenröte)

*  Arthur Schopenhauer – Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung.

*  German Romanticism  -  a great pleasure to read and learn about!
For example:  Ludwig Uhland, Theodor Körner (check his bio too!!),  Joseph von Eichendorff, Clemens Brentano, Novalis, Eduard Mörike,  and many others.

*  Make sure to check these crazy Russian guys too: 
Alexander Pushkin, Michail Lermontov, and of course Dostojevski, Leskov, Chechov, Gogol & Tolstoi.

Of course there is much, much more cool stuff from the past centuries, I just have listed a few that have influenced me at most.


I often have been asked who are my favourite composers.  Almost never who are my favourite writers?
Here are some from our time (well, also a little before our time but still XX century).

Thomas Mann, - I love his long, long sentences, and  his unique style.

Stefan Heym, -  for me, a  contemporary “follower” of Mann’s style.

Further I like very much: Kurt Tucholsky & Witold Gombrowicz.

From my old Serbian homeland, I like the following people:

Ivo Andric, Jovan Ducic & Aleksa Santic,  among many others...   


Contemporary social studies from XX and XXI Century. (GERMAN and ENGLISH books)

I do not know how many of these books exists in BOTH languages English and German.  
Most of the English books listed here I have read in German, so they ARE translated, sometimes with a title that differ
much from the original. But I really do not know how many of the books originally written IN German, have been translated 
in English or any other language.  So, you DO need to do some research on this.

WHERE DO WE LIVE? …  Society, Education, Globalisation, Corporation States, etc.   

*  Karlheinz Deschner -  critical and carefully researched facts about Church-history
Check:  “Church and Fascism” (Kirche und Faschismus, 1968)
Or visit his web site: http://www.deschner.info/index_en.htm

*  Jerry Mander & Edward Goldsmith (Editors)  -
The Case Against the Global Economy: And for a Turn Toward the Local
This is VERY cool book with several excellently argumented essays. 
Make sure to really SLOWLY “dip into” chapter 2 by David Korten
you also will find chapter 5 by Tony Clarke to be very interesting!  
Übersetzt  auf Deutsch: "Schwarzbuch Globalisierung"

*  Noam Chomsky – “War against People”, also see “What Uncle Sam really wants”
Chomsky is smart guy, I like his writing a lot.  http://www.chomsky.info/  
Fast alles  von Chomsky gibt es auf Deutsch, und leicht zu finden

*  Joseph Stiglitz, - “Globalisation and its discontents” (German: die Schatten der Globalisierung)
This guy is more than smart: won the NOBEL prize for Economy, was a chief Economist at the World Bank, - and you bet, - he is it's best critics!  He really KNOWS what he is writting about... Read how IMF & WTO are destroing poor countries of our Planet.  

*  Morris Berman – „ The Twilight of American Culture “ (German: Kultur vor dem Kollaps)  
 You are student, professor? Read interesting analiysis of a school system...

*  Horst Aftheldt  Wirtschaft die arm Macht  &  „Wohlstand für Niemand”
I am afraid these two do not exists in English…)

*  Jean Ziegler – „Les nouveaux Maitres du Monde et ceux qui leur résistent
(German : “Die neuen Herrscher der Welt und Ihre globalen Wiedersacher”) I do not know if this book has been translated in English, but I would be very surprised if not. 

*  Rüdiger Safranski – “Wie viel Globalisierung verträgt der Mensch?
It IS translated into English under the title: “How Much Globalization Can We Bear?”) 

*  NEU! (Oktober 2006) Konrad Paul Liessmann "Theorie der Unbildung
 Das ist ein kürzlich erschienenes buch das ich richtig verschluckt habe!  Eine kritische Betrachtung und scharfzüngige Analyse der sog. Wissensgesellschaft, des Evaluierungs- und bildungsreformWAHNS.... MUSS gelesen werden!        


Well, I DO sometimes go to fast-food restaurants and eat bad junk food, but maybe one more book about genetically manipulated food would not hurth in this list.. Check this one:

*  Jeffrey M. Smith – “Seeds of Deception” (German: “Trojanische Saaten”)
"This is the top-rated, best selling book in the world on GM foods. Smith exposes the serious health dangers of genetically modified foods and the corporate cover-up.
A fast-paced thriller of industry manipulation and political collusion, combined with lucid descriptions of genetic engineering and guidance on how to protect yourself and your family."


And if you are not practicing enough or do not have money for music, mallets & equipment because you  walk around and “shop” too much, - than this might be a good book to check!

*  Kalle Lasn - Culture Jam: How to Reverse America's Suicidal Consumer Binge--And Why We Must

Hope  you will have fun with this non-musical material listed above just as you do with a cool marimba piece or groovy snare drum solo.  Nebojsa Jovan Zivkovic


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