"Generally Spoken It is Nothing But Rhythm"

for Multipercussion  Solo op.21
Composed 1990/91

SET-UP Includes:

3 Cymbals, 17,15,13 inch. 13 inch is lying on the top of the 15 Inch Cymbal
2 China Gongs (also known as opera gongs, gliss gongs) tuned to d# and f#. (dis und fis) NB: Opera gongs are officially not "tuned percussion" but one can look for requested pitch.
2 Almglocken TUNED in  d# and  g (dis, g)
2 Woodblocks
Bamboo chimes
3 Tom-toms (12,14,15 inch)

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Picture of the Set-up


Generally spoken it is nothing but rhythm
for percussion solo op.21 (1990/91)

Generally spoken", that is, when it is to be attempted – universal and comprehensive. There is courtesy but also censure. „It’s nothing but..." that is, lying in the still-wet grass of an Indian summer morning, looking up into the heavens and being aware of the faintly blue distance and the earth’s shade of green. But „rhythm" – that is, when deep inside the dormant, archaic impulse of the soul frees itself and flows, unrestricted, to the surface like an effervescing fountain. It is at this fountain that the thirst for the pulsation of harmony can be quenched.





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