Instruments I love

Well, as we all know, different people, different tastes.
Instruments I love the most are listed below.

Marimbas by YAMAHA I play since 1988... for my taste and my needs, the best instrument available on the market. I use YM5100a and my own model YM-600NJZ which YAMAHA has made specially for me in 1997.If you click on the YAMAHA logo you will see my demonstration and small talk about those instruments in a video clip. (in this clip my private model was not used)
I use Crotales, Earth Plates, Order-Made Thunder sheets, Gong sheet, and around 40 different cymbals. Quality?Sound?
I will just say: 1623!! I am proud to be with Zildjian for over 10 years now.
I use it on all toms, bongos, congas concert percussion etc..
Company with SMART innovations, and musical (drum) heads. Whatever you need: pitched and rather dry "concert tom" sound, or soft long sustain fat sound... and my favorite - EMAD Kick Drum head.
Innovative Percussion was the company that make my Signature Model of marimba Mallets exactely as I need them to be. Weight, wood, wool, mallet head-form, additional wrappings, - we made it together from the scratch. I am happy to finally have SIGNATURE Mallets easily available and with absolutely no compromises in material, quality and craftsmanship. check those UFO's::)) I love them or check this
Meinl is one of the world finest companies for percussion instruments. Steel cowbells, cool shakers, doumbeks, djembes, congas, bongos and other small percussion: you name it, - MEINL has it. Did you check the never-ending endless circle rainmaker? You better check that one! Open-minded and progressive GERMAN company that operates world wide.
Everybody LOVES MEINL. Nacked Babies too! CLICK HERE!
MAPEX drums and Concet Toms are latest addition to my instrumentarium. I play SATURN series drums, and beside that, play my very cool double headed concert toms; - starting 6 inch and ending with 16" tom.


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