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UPDATE: DEzember 2nd 2013

* 2014 August 17-24 Summer Academy with Nebojsa in GERMANY. Check it HERE

* preparing for Australia (Adelaide) concerts and masterclasses January 2014

* working on a NEW SOLO MARIMBA PIECE, commission from Japan. to be finished by end of January...

* entetring exam for VIENNA CONSERVATORY for October 2014 are in March 2014...
check Konservatorium Wien website for more informaiton.

Update: February 1st, 2012

  • Zivkovic next SUMMER ACADEMY 2012 in AUGUST more information HERE.

  • New pieces will have to wait a bit.... Urgently need to work on piece for solo marimba and percussion duo
    to be premiered on JUNE 12 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

  • Preparing for USA tour, APril 14/15 nad April 21st concerto performance with Spokane Symphony and BIllings Symphony.

Update: May 9th, 2011

Preparing for my ASIAN tour Taiwan, Japan and China.

Collecting commissioners for a new composition scheduled for 2012 "CONCERTO FOR TWO PERCUSSIONISTS AND ORCHESTRA" if interested, please contact me.

For 2011/2012 Following new pieces have been commissioned and need to be composed:

1) New Piece for marimba solo and two percussionists (November 2011)
2) New solo marimba pices "She who loved lilac" (hopefully by the end of 2011)
3) New multipercussion solo piece (hoppefully by the end of 2011)
4) Double concerto fro tweo percussionists and symphony orchestra (By June 2012) ( interested commisisoners stil may join the commissioning pool)

RECORDING OF TWO NEW CD'S goes veeeery slowly since I am also nt sure what pieces to put on them...
but I still do hope that BORN TO BEAT WILD wil lbe out by the end of 2011

Update: October 23rd, 2010

ANNOUNCING ZISAMP-USA 2011 Zivkovic's International Summer Academy for Marimba and Percussion in LAS VEGAS :)
more information here

ANNOUNCING ZISAMP-ASIA 2011, Zivkovic Summer Academy in JAPAN, TOKYO. JUNE 3-4-5 2011. More information click here

Update: October 1st, 2010

Recording NEW CD: "MY SLAVIC SOUL" to be released in 2011... tonal singing marimba music and some folk songs from the Balkans....

NOVEMBER 2010, November 16-19. Master Class and concert in MEXICO CITY. INFO:

November 25/26 concert and Course in Munnich Germany at Hochschule

Update: February 1st, 2010

Last fall was incredible: PASIC and LAS VEGAS appearances, and most important TWO NEW PIECES PREMIERED. Commissions from Spain
percussion Quartet (TAK-NARA) and percussion Duo (SEX IN THE KITCHEN)

Spring 2010 will see some performances in Chech republic (BRNO ACADEMY) Master class RNCM Manchester in March, RDKN Kopenhagen

APril and MAY USA TOUR concertos with Minnesota Orchestra

Update: May 15th, 2009

Just came Back from JAPAN and heading to BULGARIA for Competition and Two concerts ... Solo recital in Sofija on May 26th and Concerto with Orchestra in Plovdiv on may 22nd. (mad Queen concerto)

JUNI will be a 100% COMPOSING month. Hope to finish TWO NEW MARIMBA PIECES and start and work on one percussion quartet and one percussion duo.

November is USA tour and my SOLO PERFORMANCE AT PASIC in Indianapolis.... (November 11 - 14th)

Right after USA will fly to TENERIFE (SPAIN) for a Master class at the conservatory AND to attend two world performances of my new percussion DUO and percussion quartet.

In process of recording a NEW CD "My slavic soul" where I will involve some voice and choirs and all pieces are in a folk music tradition.

Update: September 5th, 2008

Reissue of Nebojsas CD's "Generally spoken" AND "Marimba and percussion"beautiful 6 pages digipack, with 24 pages booklet written in English, German and French. CD is packed with nearly 80 minutes of music including:

- TENSIO (New recording 2008)
- GRAFFITO (Marta Ptaszynska)
- MARIMBASONIC (Markus Halt)
- VERWEHENDES NICHTS (Johannes Kotschy)
- AB MIRAM (Joh. Christian. H. Schulz)


concertos + 3 solos (Komponisten- Portrait Vol.2)

Also in wonderful DIGIPAC with 24 pages text
in English, German and Spanish.

over 30 players (not all pictured) from 14 countries were there and we had excellent and USEFUL time. After full 6 days of lessons and rehearsals, we have performed one public concert in packed concert hall in Germany.
Click here
for more information and photos from the Summer course 2008.

Participants of ZIVKOVIC SUMMER ACADEMY 2008 (with Nebojsa and guest Artist Beverley Johnston from Canada)

NEW ENDORSEMENT: Nebojsa has signed a contract with MAPEX AND JUPITER companies.
Well, finally I got cool CONCERT TOMS with resonant heads, good sounding and good looking. MAPEX is entering a classical
percussion market with an EXCELLENT product, and I am happy to be one of the first who is allowed to play them.
As for my old "rock" soul, I have decided to pick MAPEX DRUMS from SATURN series. Very cool, light and open sound.
Of course two BLACK PANTHER snares are also now in may practicing studio... IDyou btw checked how cool are mapex cymbal stands?
You should. I hope that MAPEX and me will have a fruitful and useful cooperation.


    TWO CD's have just came out, BUT another TWO areALREADY IN PREPARATION.
    In 2009 UNEVEN SOULS will be reissued and more NEW material wil lbe recorded that has to go ono two different CD's.
    ONE with contemporary music from europe and another one withSerbian and slavic foks pieces from the Balkans....

    CD UNEVEN SOULS will be re-issued soon in NEW design and digi pack, and also it will include one more piece (Sta vidis from Generally spoken CD will MOVE to Uneven souls, since thos two pieces somwow belongs together)

    Last week I also recorded SOME piece for another new CD that will come probably in 2009 with many Serbian folksmusic pieces. THIS might be my most interesting project ever.
    recent recordings are with TWINS BROTHERS TEOFILOVICI, andwe recorded 3 pieces. one of them will be posted as mp3 video file on my website ASAP so you can see and listen how this looks like:)

    Update: March 8th, 2008

    This year 2008, YAMAHA and NEBOJSA are celebrating 20 years of partnership. Nebojsa will have woorldwide concerts and Master Classes during the whole year. And Yamaha has printed a 4 pages information flyer with information and all events listed with dates.

    ALL ACTIVE SPOTS at Nebojsa's SUMMER ACADEMY are SOLD and booked out. THere are only PASSIVE spots left, nebojsa will offer a students from the waiting lists a reduced price for the PASSIVE SPOTS, and hope that this will help a bit.

    Nebojsa is preparing several CD's at the moment, NEW CD with concertos IS RECORDED it will include Mad Queen concerto, Tales from te center of the Earth for Percussion and BAND, as well as Nebojsas HORN concerto that just recently has been recorded and is not due to postproduction. ANOTHER CD will be a RE-ISSUE of Nebojsa's fiirt TWO CD's (MARIMBA and PERCUSSION & GENERALLY SPOKEN) it will be a new MEGA CD with nearly 80 minutes in lenght and willbe named "PERCUSSION MADE IN EUROPE volume 1" (WIll include Pezzo da concerto, Fluctus, STRAH, Generally spoken, TENSIO, Drei Phantastische Lieder, Graffito, Marimbasonic, Verwehendes Nichts, and AB MIRAM ) The CD is concentrating on Works be European composers from the late 20 Century.

    On MARCH 23/24 Nebojsa will record AGAIN TENSIO and DREI PHANTASTISCHE LIEDER as well as his piece for Trumpet and Bass Drum called "born to beAT wild"

    at the moment nebojsa is busy composing and scheduling SEVERAL WORKS: Funny Vibraphone book 2 new piece for Marimba and Euphonium, TWO new solo MARIMBA PIECES and one NEW MULTIPERCUSSION PIECE. ALL to be finished before NOVEMBER 2008. it is BUSY TIME!!!

    Update: September 15, 2007

    TWO NEW CD's are scheduled to be released in 2008. One with Nebojsa's 1st percussion concerto (Concerto of the mad Queen) and "TALES from the center of the earth", - and another one with the Marimba and VOICES, with the folk songs from the Balkans. Check here for updates.

    NEXT year (2008) Nebojsa is celebrating 20 years of his YAMAHA MARIMBA ENDORSEMENT. Many activities during the whole year are already scheduled and many more to come. If interested in having Nebojsa for Concert or Master class at your institution in 2008 , now is the time to contact us.

    Innovative percussion inc. has finally released NEW SIGNATURE SERIES MARIMBA MALLETS by Nebojsa. There are 7 different models both available on rattan or wooden shafts. Please see here for more detailed information: MALLETS INFO.

    Nebojsa has just returned from a Two week JAPAN tour where he was teaching together with KEIKO ABE first in a Master Class at TOHO GAKUEN UNIVERSITY in Tokyo and than at her international summer course in Hamamatsu.

    Keiko, Nebojsa and Partitipants of TOHO GAKUEN MASTER COURSE in TOKYO.

    The Castle Of the Mad King has been finally engraved and published in a beautiful high quality print by Ed. Musica Europea. See published works for more information.

    QUASI UNA SONATA for PIANO anr PERCUSSION written in 2001 for Evelyn Glennie and Emanuel ax, and premiered in London has finaly been revised, corrected, engraved and PUBLISHED ::)) check with your dealer, some have it already. see DEALERS

    World premiere of IVO PETRIC new marimba concerto written for Nebojsa will take place in LJUBLJANA, Slovenia on March 29th

    USA Colleges; NEXT possible booking is NOVEMBER 1.-15. 2007, please contact Nebojsa over the contact form for more information.

    PLEASE CLICK RIGHT ON THE LINK FOR MORE INFORMATION including one video clip of the group! CLICK HERE

    ZIVKOVIC IN ASIA: Nebojsa will play concerts and give master classes in JAPAN from July25th to August 8th this year.

    Concerto of the Mad Queen recorded with a Slovenian Radio Symphony and ready to be released.

    Tales from the Center of the Earth for Marimba/Percussion AND Wind ensemble recorded with Slovenian ARMY BAND and ready to be released. CD is expected to be released by the end of 2007. ( together with MAd Queen Concerto)

    Well, here is the NEWS: After many years of playing my ABC mallets signature model, I decided to switch the Mallet. Primary reason? - To get a mallet that is easy available world wide and hopefully a little less expensive. Working intensively with USA Company "INNOVATIVE PERCUSSION" on a new ZIVKOVIC SIGNATURE MARIMBA MALLETS that will SMOKE ::))
    We are planing to have them ready at latest in FALL of 2007. check for more info and updates

    Update: October 13, 2006

    CD-Recording of "DIE ARTEN DES WASSERS" for two percussionists and two pianos IN NOVEMBER in MINNEAPOLIS

    Finishing a NEW CD to be released in 2007 including recordings of THE CONCERTO OF THE MAD QUEEN, TALES FROM THE CENTER OF THE EARTH, and probably HORN CONCERTO

    Update: January 2006

    UK CLINIC /CONCERT TOUR in February 2006 go to concerts.htm page for more information.

    Nebojsa has opened a PERCUSSION DEPARTEMENT at the ACADEMY OF MUSIC, at the UNIVERSITY in his former home town NOVI SAD in SERBIA. He will be a visiting professor there whil his assistant will be teaching students on weekly basis. The first semester starts in FALL 2003... for more information contact ACADEMY at:


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