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All details how to place and mount instruments for Nebojsa's compositions.
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This is a information page about all of Zivkovic's multi-percussion pieces. Select the piece you are interested in, and you will get perfect information including all details which will help you to build the set-up, select the right instruments and see how original set-ups have been made by the composer himself. At the same time you can also click to LISTEN some excerpts from the piece while viewing a set-up. Hope you will find this information helpful!

STPAX*STRAH : Listen Watch Video Clip
Strong, very intensive, contemporary, theatralic piece. Using also a tape with loops of voice of
D. Shostakovich. Rather small set-up, also using parts of a drum set. dur. ca. 10 minutes
Generally Spoken it is nothing but rhythm : Listen Watch Video Clip
Groove piece using throughout 4 mallets, and some instruments placed around vibraphone. Contemporary music, but using several multi-tonal elements, with crazy rhythmic ending part...
dur. ca. 9 minutes
The Castle of the Mad King : Listen Watch Video Clip
The challenging millennium piece! Composed for Nebojsa himself and Evelyn Glennie. Unique set-up
with lot of stuff but worth "building" this percussive "castle" ... Almost the same setup has been used in Zivkovic's percussion Concerto no.1 ("Concerto of the mad Queen") this is a Symphony for solo percussion! dur. ca. 17 minutes

The Concerto of the Mad Queen (Percussion concerto no.1) Watch Video Clip
Beginning (4 minutes)Slow middle section (ca 3 minutes)Finale (ca 2 minutes)
This set-up is based on the Castle set-up. Just few minor changes have been made. Vibraphone has been added for a beautiful "valse" of the Mad queen in the slow middle section, and crotales have been taken away. Idea is, when "building" Castle for the Solo piece, also to be able to perform another CONCERTO with the SAME set-up. ...
Quasi una sonata : Listen
Composed in 2000/2001 for Evelyn Glenie and Emanuel Ax. They did a world premiere in Londons Wigmore hall in March 2001. Small but interesting set-up using "Flats" (tom-toms)an octave of Almglocken , Vibraphone, and some other small percussion. Three movements, dur. ca. 14 minutes.
Die Arten Des Wassers : Listen (mov.1, mov.2, mov.3)
For two pianos and two percussionists. Here are the pictures of both set-ups for percussionists. You need a lot of instruments but at least there are no timpani :) In concerts, this piece can be combined very well with with Bartok or Crumb....
Tales from the Center of the Earth Listen: Movement 1 Movement 2
For Marimba/percussion and wind ensemble. The latest concerto by Zivkovic, and already the most performed piece. Tonal music in the "Egyptian-Like" first movement on the marimba , and powerful and mystic percussion runs in the second movement.


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