Zivkovic International Summer Academy for Marimba and Percussion - ZISAMP 2006


Our  lessons, concerts, rehearsals, and parties.  
We had great & USEFUL fun! 

From August 27 - to september 2nd, 2006 a  "Zivkovic International Summer Academy  for Marimba & Percussion"  (ZISAMP)
 with Nebojsa Jovan Zivkovic took place in Castle ENGERS, GERMANY. 
The course was attended by 25 international participants from 16 countries!  Although course was in Germany, no one student was from Germany::))   Participants from USA, Mexico,  Bulgaria,  Holland, Austria, UK, Switzerland, Slovenia,  Australia, Japan, Korea, Argentina, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain and Cuba,  came together and worked with Nebojsa Zivkovic  up to 10 hours every day.  Each active participant had to prepare at least two works for marimba or for multipercussion solo.  However, after  the course and practicing  were over, the most famous German beverage  was also  "allowed", than GOOD spirit of the whole group and friendly atmoshpere was also one of the intended (and sucessfuly achived!)  course goals. After 5 days of master classes and chamber music practicing on marimba and percussion, the selected participants presented  two  public concerts in different German cities (Kaiserslautern and Kirchheimbolanden).  The course was sponsored by YAMAHA Europa, who sent  marimbas, vibes, xylophons and full load of concert percussion instruments.  ZISAMP is taking place only EVERY TWO YEARS , in every EVEN year. 
The next Summer Academy, is scheduled for LAST WEEK OF AUGUST 2008.  The number of ACTIVE partitipants will be reduced even more. Maximum 25 people will be accepted.  For more information on upcoming course see www.zivkovic.de/marimbacourse.htm 

We have learned a lot, we had BIG fun and we performed 2 public concerts. See the Gallery, click on the Pic for a BIG photo. 


Lesson 01.JPG (332336 Byte)
Master classes 

Lesson 02.JPG (414559 Byte)
Uneven Souls lesson 
Lesson 03.JPG (337026 Byte)
Marimba lesson
Lesson 04.JPG (373419 Byte)
Trio per uno lesson 
(Percussion chamber music) 

zisamp06-01.jpg (425706 Byte)
Members of ZISAMP 2006 in the Castle yard

We worked about 8-9 hours every day, but one evening we took off and went to famous traditional German "WEINFEST".
What we have done there, you can see on following pictures.

Weinfest01.jpg (325040 Byte)
Andy USA, Nebojsa and Kayle Australia
Weinfest02.jpg (396970 Byte)
Another international "meeting"
SPain, UK, Argentina, Japan
Weinfest03.jpg (431757 Byte)
Good Dinner and good vines.
Weinfest04.jpg (460820 Byte)
Samuel from Mexico  sung for us mexican love songs..
Weinfest05.jpg (354075 Byte)
Samuel, Kaylie, and friends
Weinfest06.jpg (400445 Byte)
Shuji, called SAMURAI, practicing
martial Arts with Nebojsa
Weinfest07.jpg (424086 Byte)
Javier  checked the drummer from the Weinfest-bend
Weinfest08.jpg (307324 Byte)
Well, we DID  dance..

After the course we performed two public concerts and both ended with standig ovations and percussive dancing together wioth the audience:

Concert in Town Hall in KAISERSLAUTERN:

KonzertKL01.jpg (335111 Byte)
Nebojsa opened a concert with his composition FLUCTUS
KonzertKL02.jpg (422132 Byte)
Guests Artists TUOPALI DUO from SPAIN
performed sinchronized
"To the Gods of Rhythm"
KonzertKL03.jpg (442860 Byte)
African Blues was a groove  piece on both concerts
KonzertKL04.jpg (406376 Byte)
Mike Perdue from USA perfromed 
GENERALLY SPOKEN it is Nothing but Rhythm
KonzertKL05.jpg (447242 Byte)
Another ensemble piece,  here  Simon from SLovenia and Georgi from Bulgaria
KonzertKL06.jpg (355266 Byte)
And relaxed finale, it is a must to get loose::))
All together play rhythms from Cuba

Concert in Theatre BLAUES HAUS in Kirchheimbolanden: 

Konzert kibo01.jpg (469249 Byte)
Concert after the course inKirchheimbolanden
Konzert kibo02.JPG (394166 Byte)
Shuji, Samurai performs "Generally spoken"
Konzert kibo03.JPG (490214 Byte)
Prokleti Koreni was adapted for Ensemble
Konzert kibo04.JPG (505350 Byte)
At the end some Cuban and Latin grooves
Konzert kibo05.JPG (485275 Byte)
Audience was dancing et the end
see  PHOTOS from ZISAMP 2008


  Nebojsa Interview on Music

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