Zivkovic International Summer Academy for Marimba and Percussion - ZISAMP 2008

 4th Zivkovic International Summer Academy for Marimba and Percussion
ZISAMP 2008 - Just finished!! See you in 2010...

I wish to thank all students for bringing great positive energy with them, for creating such a good atmosphere during the course, and for playing so WELL!


Our  lessons, concerts, rehearsals, and pleasure.  
We had great & USEFUL fun! 

From August 24 - 31,  2008  a  "Zivkovic International Summer Academy  for Marimba & Percussion"  (ZISAMP)
 with Nebojsa Jovan Zivkovic took place in Castle ENGERS, GERMANY. 
The course was attended by 31 international participants from 14 countries!  This year we also had FEW Germans, - bravo my dear Germans,  hope to see more of you in 2010 :)   Participants from USA,  Bulgaria,  Austria, Venezuela, Switzerland, Slovenia, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Canada, Poland, Spain Ireland and Germany ,  came together and worked with Nebojsa Zivkovic  up to 10 hours every day.  Each active participant had to prepare at least two works for marimba or for multipercussion solo.  However, after  the course and practicing  were over, the most famous German beverage  was also  "allowed", than GOOD spirit of the whole group and friendly atmosphere was also one of the intended (and successfully achieved!)  course goals. After 6 days of master classes and chamber music practicing on marimba and percussion, the selected participants presented again  public concert in Kirchheimbolanden.  The course was sponsored by YAMAHA Europe, who sent  marimbas, vibes, xylophones and full load of concert percussion instruments. supported also by Zildjian and Innovative Percussion  ZISAMP is taking place only EVERY TWO YEARS , in every EVEN year. 

The next Summer Academy, is scheduled for LAST WEEK OF AUGUST 2010.  The number of ACTIVE partitipants will be reduced again.
 Maximum 25 ACTIVE people will be accepted.  For more information on upcoming course see www.zivkovic.de/marimbacourse.htm 

We have learned a lot, we had BIG fun and we performed 2 public concerts. See the Gallery, click on the Pic for a BIG photo. 


Nebojsa and Daniel (USA) 
work on FLUCTUS 

 Irena Manolova prepared Marimba concerto no2 by Zivkovic

Ben, USA worked on 

Vassilena from Bulgaria performed perfectly

 The youngest participant, Sebastian from Germany

"Game over" had a lesson AFTER a vine fest:) 

Open Ensemble rehearsal

(chamber music) 

We worked about 7-8 hours every day, but on Friday  evening we took off and went to famous traditional German "WEINFEST".
What we have done there, you can see on following pictures.

In our restaurant

fun must be: Ben, Fanni, Brian, Daniel and Naoko (USA, CH, IRELAND, JAPAN)

NJZ- master shooter

Poland, USA, Canada and Venezuela..

Daniel wanted that accordion...
Weinfest06.jpg (136018 Byte)
restaurant at Weinfest

more restaurant...

on the street after the dinner giving advises what to do in case you get lost...


  Nebojsa Interview on Music

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