NOT JUST A CD, BUT PIECE OF ART, to listen, feel and hold.

PERFECT DESIGN, PRINTING, natural matte DIGIPACK case, RICH COLOR BOOKLET with PHOTOS and work comments, and excellent Information TEXTS in THREE languages, this is the CD.
When you download a mp3 file you  have “files”,  so physically nothing and maybe one “cover pic”.
When you purchase a CD you have much, much more AND you get  significantly better sound quality.
However, I offer both options, you pick.

Bachelor & Master studies with Nebojsa in Austria or Serbia

If you wish to do your bachelor or master degree studies with Nebojsa, you can do this at two Universities in Europe. Nebojsa is full professor at “Academy of Arts  of the University of Novi Sad” in Serbia, and also at “Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna”, Austria.  Both Schools require almost zero  tuition. In particularely well known  Vienese University ( ) offers  unique and high level  professional education, not to speak about enviorement that one gets to enjoy in Vienna.  For studing in Austria you NEED to have a B1 level of German language. Of course you should be very good on all percussion instruments to pass the entering exam. Entering exams are usually end of february/beginning of march for the following academic year, that starts on October 1st.  For more information please go to the websites of the schools where you can read more about the programms.

Zivkovic International Summer Academy & Festival in Vienna, 2020

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Zivkovic’s International Summer Academy & Festival

for Marimba & Percussion 2020 (ZISAMP)
August 23rd to August 29th 2020 in VIENNA, Austria

Zivkovic’s International Summer Percussion Academy & Festival 2020!  Vienna, Austria!

Join the international group of  Marimba and Percussion enthusiasts at Zivkovic Marimba and Percussion Summer Academy.  In 2020, for the first time, Academy takes place in the centre of Vienna, Austria, inofficial music capital of the World. You will experience 6 very intensive days PACKED with concerts, lectures & masterclasses. EACH ACTIVE PARTITIPANT WILL GET  5 (yes, FIVE!!) INDIVIDUAL LESSONS DURING THE ACADEMY. ( open master class format, approx. 30 min each)   In 2020, Nebojsa Jovan Zivkovic has invited  not less than 15 top international guest artists from all over the world, in a unique combination of Solo and orchestral instruments, –  including also well known names of the younger generation! Aside the heavy emphasis on Marimba and Marimba Duo,  also Timpani,  Percussion trio, Marching snare, up to the film music- experience from the “World of Hans Zimmer”, will be presented,  – we  have it all prepared!
Academy is intended primarily for advanced marimba students, percussion teachers, professionals – but every one can benefit form this week. Also intermediate/less advanced players are welcome to enroll as active pertitipants at the Academy, if they prepare minimum two pieces of moderate difficulty.  Selected participants may perform in public concerts on tour right after the Academy.

There will be two possibilities to participate

Festival & ACADEMY will accept: performing participants (active) or observers (passive participants, basically  just any festival guests).
It is highly recommended that players who wish to be ACTIVE  partitipants of the Academy, apply early, since the number of active participants is limited to 35.
(Apply early to get better rate and be sure that you can be active participant. We expect that summer 2020 will be booked out before the first deadline.
So, IF you want to attend, make SURE to apply early. You will also save 40 Euro if you apply before April 1st 2020).

Each active participant should prepare minimum two composition of his choice. ANY  piece for Marimba. Interested percussionists should prepare snare drum, timpani or multipercussion piece  (preferabely one of  Zivkovic’s  multipercussion  works, among anything else they wish). Players of any level are welcome as observers (passive participant). Each active participant will get FIVE individual lessons on the prepared pieces (or anything else he would like to learn)  during the course, (individual lesson, open master class format, whose length depends on the difficulty and length of the piece he is performing. approx. 20-40 minutes each lesson). All active partitipants will also perform in various chamber music combination coached by Nebojsa  and other guest artists.
Passive participants will also be involved in fundamental questions like grip, technique, etc but will not be involved in any performing or any individual lesson.

PUBLIC CONCERT with the participants and Nebojsa Zivkovic

There will be a CLOSING concert on the last evening of the ZISAMP2020, with the SELECTED partitipants. We are working to organize additional public concert in Vienna, right after the course. (to be confirmed) ONLY selected participants will perform in a public concert that is scheduled right after the Academy. (that additional concert is NOT part of the Academy) We have several world class marimba and percussion duos as guest teachesrs! Use this chance to come with your duo or group and get professional coaching in chamber music.
Last but not least, this is your chance to take you partner with you to Vienna,  and have a dream vacation in one of the most beautiful cities of this planet.

This is what you will get at ZISAMP 2020:

  • As active partitipant, you will get FIVE (5!!) individual lessons (master class format)  with different professors of your choice
  •  you can attend Timpani, Rudimental snare, Marimba duo and  (Jazz)Vibraphone master classes and lectures of your choice,  by various professorsm,  – DAILY.
  •  You will work on pieces you  prepare with Nebojsa and professors of your choice (included are also solo PERCUSSION works  or chamber music)
  • Fundamental performing problems – some aspects of mental attitude towards solo performing.
  • Guest Artist Lectures include: Two-mallet technique, German timpani technique, orchestral studies,  by solo timpanists of Hamburg State Opera and Teneriffe Symphony, Mexican marimba traditions,  Jazz Vibraphone Improvisation and more
  • DAILY  MALLETS TECHNIQUE WITH NEBOJSA (four mallet grip and technical exercises)
  • Esthetics and developing of sound on marimba, timpani, snare drum  (sound, endurance, power-kicks, etc..)
  • Fun & NON-JAZZ improvisation on the marimba (as you know, improvisation was there much before Jazz was invented)
  • Introduction of new works for marimba and percussion (bring YOURS if you have something interesting!!)
  • Musical and formal analysis for all of Zivkovic’s compositions of interest, with emphasis on CONCERTOS.
  • Chamber music, duets, percussion trios, marimba and piano, etc… (we intend to play some of that  during the Academy)
  • YAMAHA concert percussion instruments exibition, Sheet Music exibition, Mallets, merchandise, and BIG Discount on purchasing during the academy. you save a lot of  $$$)

 PROFESSORS of  ZISAMP 2020 Festival & Academy: (hey, this WILL be fun!)

  • Nebojsa Jovan Zivkovic –  (Europe) Marimba & anything else you desire to know from him
  • Theodor Milkov (Greece)  –  Marimba genius and  innovator of new techniques
  • Brian Barker (Canada/Germany) – Solo timpanist of  the Hamburg State Opera, lecturer University of Hamburg
  • Paco Diaz (Spain) -Solo Timpanist Tenerife symhpny Orchestra, professor Tenerife Conservatory of Music
  • David Christopher Panzl (Austria) Multipercussionist, marching specialist, Lecturer at  State University Vienna
  • Aleksandra Suklar (Slovenia/Austria)  – affirming concert Artist & member of Hans Zimmer Band
  • Tchiki-Duo (Switzerland)  – ex. Prof. Lausanne conservatory, concert Artist
  • Lucid  Duo (Europe) –  Irena Manolova & composer Tomasz Golinski
  • Drumartica  (Slovenia)  Conservatory of Ljubljana (Joze Bogolin & Simon Klavzar)



The Academy will take place in the facilities of YAMAHA  AUSTRIA, in Vienna.  Vienna is regarded as one of the most interesting cities world wide and offers marvelous touristic attractions. Make the trip of your life and take your family / partner with you for a wonderful vacation. Enjoy Viennas historic and modern Attractions,  visit Austrian Alps and lakes, and experience unique Austrian hospitality. Right after the Academy you can Visit  hundreds of world wide famous tourist sites like: Musikverein Wien, Konzerthaus, Staatsoper Wien, Belvedere SchlossKarlskirche,  Rathaus,  and numerous of Museums and  other attractions.  In 2020 Zivkovic Summer Academy is far more than marimba and percussion academy only –  it is life  changing experience!

VIENNA at night  🙂


Total Academy duration is 6 days.
Arrival –  on Sun. August 23rd 2020 in the afternoon (around 1-3 PM).
Departure –  on Sat. August 29th  in the morning. (last event is closing concert on Friday 28th in the evening)

Vienna has excellent public transportation system while car parking is expensive and not so  convinient. We reccommend arrivals by train, plane or bus. There will be a welcome-meeting  on arrival  day in the afternoon,  schedule of the active partitipants and opening public concert by Nebojsa and guest Professors  in the evening, for everyone!
After 5 full days of work (6-7 hours per day master classes, lectures, and in addition to that, PRACTICING CHAMBER MUSIC) selection for the public concert will be made.
We want to work hard and learn, but we also want to meet each other and to exchange experience and be friends.
We will also try to have one free afternoon to  spend together in Vienna and see a bit of this beautiful city.
IF YOU ARE COMING BY CAR, PLEASE TAKE YOUR MARIMBA WITH YOU.  We will have several YAMAHA marimbas available.
We will practice chamber music with Marimbas and percussion. Therefore also percussion groups (duo, trio, quartett) are very welcome.
With an confirmation of your application, you will get an exact map of the location and explanation how to arrive to the academy site.


Vienna offers hundreds of different accomodation possibilities for everyones  budget,  so accomodation and food are NOT  included in academy fee, and are to be  organised by the partitipants themselves. We will have hotel recommendations soon.



Applying before APRIL 1st will save you € 40.-


  • Application before  APRIL 1st  2020:   ACTIVE:  Euro 400.-  PASSIVE: Euro 200.-
  • Application after  APRIL 1st  2020:    ACTIVE:   Euro 440.-  PASSIVE: Euro 220.-
  • ONE DAY PASS  with acces to all clinics and concerts of THAT day, (no individual lessons) :  Euro 70.- 



MONEY RETURN POLICY: In case you pay in full but do NOT come, and cancel BEFORE April 1st 2020, your full amount will be returned to you. (except banking fee)  If you cancel AFTER APRIL 1st, only a DEPOSIT (200 €) will be withhold and
rest will be paid back to you.  Canceling  AFTER JUNE 15th, – your total Academy fee will be withold. YOu may send replecement person for you and  have it reimbursed when that person pays the fee.
(Pay pal or bank transpher, ask for bank details whith the applicaiton)


CD “Uneven Souls”

REISSUED in 2008 in NEW  DIGIPACK cover including a 16 pages full color booklet with  texts in English, German, and Spanish.

Including Only Recordings of Zivkovic’s compositions:
Srpska Igra, Ballade für Petra, Liebeslied, Der Wanderer (all from “Funny Marimba Book1”)
Ultimatum 1, Drei Unvebindliche Stücke, Les Violons Morts, for Marimba Valse Serbe, Anba, Macedonia, (those three with piano Acc)
In Erinnerungen Schwebend for 3 Flutes and Vibraphone, To the Gods of Rhythm – the coolest piece for Djembe with some voicing, Sta Vidis – for marimba and tenor voice,
and of course: UNEVEN SOULS, a 15 minutes “Balkan power” for Marimba Solo, three percussionists and male choir!!

CD “The Castle Of The Mad King”

Including new percussion pieces by Zivkovic:
ULTIMATUM II for two Marimbas * TRIO PER UNO for Percussion Trio
The Castle Of The Mad King for the pictured Set-Up * Suomineito for Vibraphone
and marimba pieces:
Ilijas, Northwind, Ein Liebeslied, Il canto dei gondolieri, Bayerischer Ländler, Der kleine Paganini
Almost 70 minutes of PERCUSSIVE MUSIC!

…the range and combinations of sounds he creates are startling, and all is delivered in hugely virtuosic performances which can’t help but impress the listener…
…It’s often hard to identify the instruments being played, and even harder to believe that there’s just one person playing…
David Kettle , BBC-MUSIC MAGAZINE, Nov. 2000

CD’s available from your local dealer or order at the address below:

CD’s erhältlich in gutem Musikalienhandel, oder direkt zu bestellen bei:

(Musica Europea, ME-02 )

Lamento e danza Barbara  for Marimba and percussion trio

  • J.E.N.E.T a chamber music piece for Flute, Bass Clarinet, Trombpne, Violoncello and Harpsicord

  • Quintetto per Cinque Solisti for 5 Marimbas and percussion


Recorded in Boston, Minneapolis, Stuttgart and Selb (Germany)  incredible symphonic power!  Exclusive design and package 6 pages digipack, and full color 24 pages booklet in GERMAN, ENGLISH and SPANISH language.

Die Arten des Wassers

for two percussionists and two pianos op.23
composed in 1993

A “Symphony” for two pianos and two percussionists.
Duration ca.25′ Exotic sounds and energetic percussion.
From water drums over all Mallet instruments and even one cooking pan, to djembe,
– a wide range of masterly used percussive sounds. It is recommended to AMPLIFY PIANOS if possible.