Application ZISAMP 2022
This is application form for Zivkovic International Summer Academy for Marimba & Percussion, August 21-27 2022, in Vienna, Austria. Please fill all required fields and send the form.
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Please check your status at ZISAMP,. If you apply as Active partitipant ( Euro 440.- and €490 .- if applyed after April 1st 2022) you will have 5 master class individual lessons. As Passive partitipant, you join everything, see everything, just will not have any individual lessons. ACTIVE PARTITIPANTS: IN the box below please list your prepared pieces AND aside of Zivkovic, four names of the professors you would like to have a master class lesson (Total number of lessons is 5, one with Zivkovic and 4 of your choice.)
This field ONLY if you apply as ACTIVE partitipant. FILL IN YOUR 5 TEACHERS NAMES you want to have lesson with. REFUND POLICY: Along with this application, downpamynet of 200 € is due. In case you pay in full but do NOT come, and cancel BEFORE June 1st 2022, your full amount will be returned to you. (except banking fee) If you cancel AFTER June 1st, only a DEPOSIT (200 €) will be withhold. If you cancel AFTER JULY 1th, – your total Academy fee will be withold. You may send replacement person for you and have it reimbursed when that person pays the fee.