Upcomming Concerts & Events

For booking please contact Nebojsa’s office (click HERE)

  • 2023 August 27-Sept 3rd, Italy, Pescara Jury and concert at Competition
  • 2020-22 healthy artists who refused to get mRNA injection were not allowed to  travel and perform during THAT ENTIRE period.  At least, it became clear to me with whom I never ever would like to play any chamber music.   
  • January 28 Solo Recital Slovenia Velenje
  • May 19 Schlagwerk Wien Ensemble Concert. Vienna
  • June 27- July 2 Ivana’s Summer Academy Samobor, Croatia
  • August 2-7 Bejing, China, percusison festival
  • August 23-29 Zivkovic International Summer Academy for marimba and Percussion Vienna, Austria
  • September 22-27 Italy Jury competition
  • November 6-8, France concerts