You may be a lucky recipient of “YAMAHA & SCHLAGKRAFT  ZISAMP-STIPENDIUM” 2024 and join the Zivkovic’s Summer Academy & festival in Vienna in 2024 for ZERO FEE.  Stipendium consists of the following:

  1. YAMAHA EUROPE & SCHLAGKRAFT MALLETS VIENNA, will pay your entire active partitipation fee (520€)
  2. You will get  financial support toward your travel costs (Gasoline for car, train ticket, or  airplane ticket)
    the actual amount spent, but not more than up to MAXIMUM of € 200.- (you need to bring your recieves, train tickets, gasoline and similar)

in order to apply for stipendium you have to:

  1. Video record yourself  playing ONE of  Zivkovic SOLO pieces.  May be marimba, OR multipercussion OR vibraphone solo
  2. upload it to your youtube channel
  3. link this recording on your social media channel and to  hashtag #nebojsajovanzivkovic  #schlagkraftmallets  and #yamahamusic
  4. send us the E-mail with  the EXACT  Link to video, your full address, name, citizenship, age,etc…
  5. you MAY regularely apply and still apply for the stipendium. if you get one your application fee will be returned to you.
  6. From  all applications ONE  recipient will be selected and informed
  7. DEAD LINE  for APPLICATION  (Video upload) is  MAY 1st 2024

In case that stipendium receiver  CANCEL his  partitipation OR the entire ZISAMP is CANCELLED for whatever reasons, (Corona,  force majore)  this stipendium will be void. No replacement, no cash payments,  all gone forever 🙁    Candidates will be informed by MAY 15th, so those not selected still may APPLY regularerly. THEY WILL HAVE HOWEVER, REDUCED application  fee ( 520€) Stay in touch.