Bachelor & Master studies with Nebojsa in Austria or Serbia

If you wish to do your bachelor or master degree studies with Nebojsa, you can do this at two Universities in Europe. Nebojsa is full professor at “Academy of Arts  of the University of Novi Sad” in Serbia, and also at “Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna”, Austria.  Both Schools require almost zero  tuition. In particularely well known  Vienese University ( ) offers  unique and high level  professional education, not to speak about enviorement that one gets to enjoy in Vienna.  For studing in Austria you NEED to have a B1 level of German language. Of course you should be very good on all percussion instruments to pass the entering exam. Entering exams are usually end of february/beginning of march for the following academic year, that starts on October 1st.  For more information please go to the websites of the schools where you can read more about the programms.