CD “Uneven Souls”

REISSUED in 2008 in NEW  DIGIPACK cover including a 16 pages full color booklet with  texts in English, German, and Spanish.

Including Only Recordings of Zivkovic’s compositions:
Srpska Igra, Ballade für Petra, Liebeslied, Der Wanderer (all from “Funny Marimba Book1”)
Ultimatum 1, Drei Unvebindliche Stücke, Les Violons Morts, for Marimba Valse Serbe, Anba, Macedonia, (those three with piano Acc)
In Erinnerungen Schwebend for 3 Flutes and Vibraphone, To the Gods of Rhythm – the coolest piece for Djembe with some voicing, Sta Vidis – for marimba and tenor voice,
and of course: UNEVEN SOULS, a 15 minutes “Balkan power” for Marimba Solo, three percussionists and male choir!!

CD “The Castle Of The Mad King”

Including new percussion pieces by Zivkovic:
ULTIMATUM II for two Marimbas * TRIO PER UNO for Percussion Trio
The Castle Of The Mad King for the pictured Set-Up * Suomineito for Vibraphone
and marimba pieces:
Ilijas, Northwind, Ein Liebeslied, Il canto dei gondolieri, Bayerischer Ländler, Der kleine Paganini
Almost 70 minutes of PERCUSSIVE MUSIC!

…the range and combinations of sounds he creates are startling, and all is delivered in hugely virtuosic performances which can’t help but impress the listener…
…It’s often hard to identify the instruments being played, and even harder to believe that there’s just one person playing…
David Kettle , BBC-MUSIC MAGAZINE, Nov. 2000

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CD “Composer’s Portrait”

  • Lamento e danza Barbara  for Marimba and percussion trio
  • J.E.N.E.T a chamber music piece for Flute, Bass Clarinet, Trombpne, Violoncello and Harpsicord

  • Quintetto per Cinque Solisti for 5 Marimbas and percussion


Recorded in Boston, Minneapolis, Stuttgart and Selb (Germany)  incredible symphonic power!  Exclusive design and package 6 pages digipack, and full color 24 pages booklet in GERMAN, ENGLISH and SPANISH language.

CD “Percussion made in Europe” Volume 1

Released in AUGUST 2008, almost 80 minutes of percussion and marimba music.
perfect 6 pages digipack cover, including TRIlingual booklet 24 pages, in English, German and French

This CD is a compilation of Zivkovic’s first TWO CD’s (“Marimba and Percussion” and “Generally spoken”).
Including two newly recorded pieces, TENSIO and DREI PHANTASTISCHE LIEDER.


Including 10 worlds premiere recordings of:
Marta Ptaszynska – Graffito (marimba solo)
Johannes Kotschy – Verwehendes Nichts (vibraphone solo)
Joh. Christian H. Schulz – Ab miram (marimba solo)
Markus Halt – Marimbasonic (marimba solo)

Nebojsa Zivkovic:
– FLUCTUS (marimba solo)
– TENSIO (marimba solo. recorded may 2008)
– Drei Phantastische Lieder (marimba solo, recorded may 2008)
– Pezzo da concerto (snare drum solo)
– Generally spoken it is nothing but Rhythm (multipercussion solo)
– CTPAX*STRAH (multipercussion solo with CD)

CD “3 concertos + 3 solos” Composers portrait, Volume 2

Released in AUGUST 2008,  almost 80 minutes of Zivkovic’s orchestral works and  solo pieces

Recorded with Slovenian Radio Symphony Orchestra & Slovenian Armed forces Orchestra (Band).

Perfect 6 pages digipack cover, including 24 pages text book, in English, Deutsch and Espanol  

Including 6 worlds premiere recordings of Zivkovic’s compositions: 

  • Concerto per percussione e orchestra  no.1  (CONCERTO OF THE MAD QUEEN) (MORE INFORMATION)

  • TALES FROM THE CENTER OF THE EARTH for Marimba/Percussion  and Wind  Ensemble (MORE INFORMATION)

  • Concerto per Corno e orchestra (Horn concerto)
    Musica  per Violino solo  (listen)
    MUSICA per Violoncello solo  (listen)
    MUSICA per contrabbasso solo  (listen)